Linwood Covenant Church Vision Projects

At Linwood Covenant Church, we strive to live out our mission of "Seek God. Journey as Family. Serve Others." This VISION project — though large in undertaking — was designed to address each of those statements in many different ways. We are providing learning spaces for spiritual growth. We are providing communal spaces to encourage fellowship and welcome newcomers. Above all, we are providing an experience that has the ability to reach each person that walks in LCC's doors wherever they are in their spiritual journey.

LCC is aiming to achieve more than a beautiful facility to worship and meet in in this VISION. We are investing in a space that keeps specific truths at the forefront of everything that happens within it and is sent out from it:

• That Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost (Luke 19:9)

• That God seeks to find broken people and make them whole.

• That God offers abundant life to those who are struggling.

• Ultimately, our hope is that  LCC is a place where people who are far from God find belonging and Him.

Contact: Pastor Dave Ostercamp