We are positioned for an exciting fall at Linwood Covenant! After close to a year of planning—which included 16 vision meetings, a leadership retreat where many good ideas were shared, lots of prayer, and discussion—we moved forward with a proposal for the future of our church body.

  As we discern and step into God’s calling for the next season of Linwood Covenant Church, we’ve identified four key areas in which to grow and invest:


Invest in Communication

• Ramp up social media and web presence

• Reassess internal communication methods

• Consider digital sign on Viking and billboards


Bring in a variety of new people

• Transportation in partnership with Linwood Senior Center

• Launch Summer Nights to connect with neighbors

• Reimagine Wednesday and Sunday nights to better serve

families and young people

• Launch mentoring/childcare to serve at-risk populations

Create Welcoming Spaces

• Improve the appearance, safety, and accessibility of

church from the front

• Remodel children’s and youth spaces

• Add flexible community space on the north end of church

Help newcomers thrive in faith

• Invest time, training, and resources to make the

Sunday morning experience amazing

• Create on-ramps to get visitors involved long-term

• Solidify small groups, adult and youth programming so

next steps are clear and simplified

Each person at Linwood has

a unique role in this work.

Here are some ways to:


Visit linwoodcovenant.org/vision (or the Welcome Center) to access

planning documents and updates related to the planning process.

Stay informed.


Ask for God’s guidance as we develop a path forward. Pray for unity and

vision in the church, and consider how God’s calling you to respond.